David, let’s build your website

Starting at the beginning

Headers ~ layouts ~ Footers

Step 1 David

Follow these three links and come back to me with what you want to use.

3. layouts

We only want to use one lay out, but we can adapt it to show of what you do in a cealna dn fun way.

5. Webmaster Admin

Don’t forget to update everything that needs to be updated.

2. Use your current pages

And let’s upgrade them to the layout you want.

4. time for a one on one

Book a time with me so we can get this website flying. 


8. You have already worked with hundreds of people

Let them know what you have been up to, what you want to do and how they can pray for you.


Cultivate Friendships


Create Prayer Partners


Find out how you can pray for them


Use this to recruit staff


Use this to recruit students


Use this to manage schools


Use this to recruit partners

9. The plugin Give

Showcase projects.

Accept registrations for school.

Accept school fees.

Accept donations.

10. I need your feed back

What worked.

What did not work.

What is missing.

What do you need more of.