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Upcoming Events:

Canoe Workshop: April 2020

Biogas Workshop: May 2020

(DTS) Discipleship Training School (Rugby Plus): June 2020

(KKIS) Kings Kids International Samoa Camp: June 2020

(DBS) Discipleship Bible School: June 2020

(SOM) School of Missions: September 2020




Highlights from 2019:

  • January & June DTS’
  • Discipleship Bible School
  • Pacific games (held in Samoa)
-We had some students playing rugby
-Some students volunteered for tennis
-We had many teams come to do evangelism and volunteer at the games
  • Rugby touch team
  • Leadership Development Training for the base staff
  • Made improvements on our living quarters, including:
-Finishing our cinderblock house, with electric and running water
-Redoing the steps on our family accommodation (here is a fun video of them working)
-Fixing the roof of the boys fale
-Starting to tear down the girl’s old fale, with the hopes to rebuild one that is more stable and secure