One of our ministries that we are involved in is partnering with the local churches so that we are able to reach out to other churches. Our expectation is to reach as many local churches here in Samoa as possible. Working together with different churches enables YWAM Samoa to build relationships with the leaders in the church so that they would have a better understanding of us and what we do and would be more willing to release their members to be discipled by YWAM so that they are able to know God and make Him known.

One of the ways that we are able to do both of these things is through our Mobile Team and DTS outreach teams. Our Mobile Team is a smaller collection of our base staff who perform dances from around the Pacific, give testimonies of God’s goodness in their lives, and preach. We also occasionally perform in prisons and youth groups as well.


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  1. Dear brother,sister.

    Please allow me to introduce myself.
    My name is Jos Refo and I’m born and raised in Holland. My father is from Kei, Maluku and my mother from Surabaya, she had mixed blood. Dutch/Indonesian.
    That was a problem back then and we, the children were struggling with identity problems.
    Long story short, I thought I found my identity in being a criminal, a big time drug dealer.
    A got careless and one day I was robbed by so called friends and they kidnapped my 11 months old daughter.

    I got very confused, started to use crack cocaine and got hooked from day one to never be able to stop by myself for 20 years.
    Very bad things happend during my time using drugs, almost all my friends died.
    I tried to take my own life but I was to afraid to live and to scared to die.
    I had a mother who was a believer and she always kept praying en fighting for me and when I was 40 years old my parents who were around the age of 80 (!) brought me to a Christian Rehabilitation center called ‘De Hoop’ (‘Hope’).
    There I gave my life to Jesus and my life totally changed!

    I never used drugs again, even smoking cigarettes and heavy drinking He took away from me instantly. Praise God!
    Now, 12,5 years later I’m married to Geertje, my beautiful strong Christian wife. I got my diplomas to work as a care giver and I am a caregiver for 10 years now!
    God has radically changed my life!

    What I’m really thankful for is that both my parents died in peace after all they had been through and that I can be a daddy now for both my daughters.
    The oldest one lives in Hongkong (where I have spoken/testified in an Indonesian church, two months ago) and my youngest one just today moved to Melbourne, Australia.
    I’m a speaker and evangelist now for 10 years and served in several countries in the world, also in Indonesia.

    Sounds like I’m bragging and I am! But not about myself but about the Great God we serve!
    Again, long story short. We will be visiting Melbourne in October.
    Perhaps you would like me to testify anytime, anywhere between 8 and 14 October? Because during that period of time we will be visiting Samoa to meet an old friend and brother in Christ from Holland who lives in Apia now.
    This is my story, brosdcasted on Dutch national tv:

    I’d love to hear from you.

    Greetings and blessings,
    Jos & Geertje Refo