We have a staff of 39 from Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa, And Papua New Guinea. We are currently looking for more staffs to works and train with us for the future.




School Leaders -DTS, SOM, SBS, LTS, ITS (We are this moment looking for a DTS leader for our DTS in September, 2016)

School Staff – DTS, SOM, SBS, LTS, ITS

Base Staff with agriculture experience

Base Staff with coaching experience for soccer, rugby, or volleyball

Base Staff with community development experience

Base Staff with experience in sustainable science and technology

Experienced and willing Teachers to teach in our Learning Center

3 thoughts on “Staff

  1. I am praying about where to go to stay and work with development technology projects, energy, etc.
    I have a lot of experience and giftings to share and teach. Please pray with me and see if I am to go work with you on projects.

    Parker Kent

  2. Greetings,
    I have completed DTS and SOAP School of Apostolic Pioneering Worcester South Africa it has been my desire to serve my generation so please if you can send me the link to fill the forms for the staff.

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