Learning Center


This all began when volunteers from the Learning Center in Kona, Hawaii came to Samoa to teach and train us according to their original vision. That vision is a mobile and modular international initiative with the dual purpose of teaching children in missions and training teachers for missions. Check out where it all began. 

DSC_0973The Learning Center in Samoa was originally pioneered in 2011. After a hiatus, we re-pioneered the Learning Center in April of 2014. We currently have 50 students (ages 5-17) from around the Village of Falelauniu whom are without access to formal education. They are able to come and receive the fundamentals they have been denied. We are looking for teachers willing to use their skills in Samoa for these deserving students to reach their potential. DSC_0808


We are currently running the Learning Center in 2018. Although there is not that many students that are attending the school but we believe that we will offer educational help to any child that is here with us.

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