The Leadership Training School (LTS) is designed to equip YWAM leaders in the areas of spiritual leadership, organization and management, and communication.

It is international both in its student composition, its school staff, and speakers. The LTS incorporates a variety of learning contexts. Hands-on workshops enable students to acquire practical skills and learning groups provide a setting in which to interact, integrate and apply classroom content. Corporate discussions and panels encourage a creative atmosphere for developing innovative concepts and programs. As a final report, each student develops a plan to implement his or her vision for a new mission project.

The next school will be in September 2021!

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  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there is a confirmed date for the LTS in 2022? I’m asking because I’ll be in Kona for Q1 of 2022 and while I am not too far away, if this course, the LTS, ran soon after (say April-May), I would be interested in possibly attending!

    Thanks a lot!

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